We have designed many applications from small business online customer database to large e-commerce sites.

Our knowledge in many areas of business allow us to evaluate your current working practices and where possible offer to provide you with an off the shelf package or a bespoke system to best suit your needs.

The diagram above

This shows how the database is used by both the user and the administrator.

The Website form to enter data from the user

The Admin Logon to see the data entry for the administrator

The Back End is built to your needs.

Database solutions

We are able to provide you with bespoke database solutions that can benefit your business in many ways.

This has the potential to provide you with the following benefits;

Centralisation of all data

The centralisation of all your data from customer details to stock control is one of the major advantages of an electronic system.

Many of these can come together quite efficiently for a small business using a WordPress platform. The ability to part Public face and part Administer through your web site.

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Our easy to use systems allows all members of the company to have instant access and retrieval of data


Reports specific to your needs can be created as part of the system that will enable you produce meaningful reports to monitor anything from finance details to stock levels.


The systems that we design are very user friendly and require minimal training.

Training can also be performed online from our workplace to yours.

There is always an opportunity to share desktops if needed.