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We use Google Analytics to tell us about traffic on our website so we can provide the best service.

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All animated gifs, funny pictures and illusion pictures not our own come from what we determine to be public domain. If any of these files are in violation of any copyright please contact us by

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Terms for website building.

Koolwebs offer a first time FREE consultation.

We request a non-refundable deposit before we start building any site.

All content is provided by the customer unless otherwise agreed.

If you would like us to do photography t will be agreed before publication.

When text is provided by the customer it is up to the customer to have any proof reading obtained. As we cannot have the individual subject knowledge of every business we build for.

We use Google Workspace for domain email and business tools.

Hosting on our servers

  • We build and host with Oracle and Contabo.
  • Our websites are being migrated to servers with A.R.M technology, working better with mobiles
  • Our servers are backed up
  • Our servers all have solid state disk

Ultimately we cannot be responsible for third party providers services but, by monitoring your website usage, we work  to maintain 100% up time.

In no event shall we be liable to you for any loss of business, contracts, profits or anticipated savings or for any other indirect or consequential or economic loss whatsoever.

Websites individually priced

Hourly rates:

Web work:£40per hour
Web Development:£50per hour
Website photography: £60per hour
Training:£60per hour

If you are going to take control of your website, especially if you have no prior experience, you will need to budget for training.

Koolwebs ‘Admin your website ‘ All in one package


SSL Certification

Website monitoring

Websites and WordPress have quite a bit of upkeep theses days and if not updated regularly can affect the security of your site and the server.
Website monitoring is necessary to keep your site running smoothly.


£160 per year : Hosting your website, managing your SSL keeping you and visitors safe, your site regularly backed up and with updates regularly run.
If you use a 3rd party plug in you may have charges to pay them direct for updates

Additional Web Work, charged £40 per hour: Requesting changes as and when you you need them.

Any payments are made by Direct Debit, electronic banking or cheque. we accept installments.

We maintain the right to take down websites off our servers due to non-payments.


  • These costs are for guidance and relate only to the, work requested at the time of estimate creation.
  • As well as the main web build estimate you may need Hosting and domain name costs added.
  • When the build is finished, you may want Koolwebs to find a solution to develop parts of your site which is cost at Web Work rate.
  • If you are going to take control of your website, especially if you have no prior experience, you will need to budget for Training.

1 Hour Consultation

  • Meetings can be held either in a neutral space, at our office, or over the internet with Google Meet , Zoom or Team viewer.
  • In our consultation, we will discuss your digital / web needs and find what you want from your website.
  • If you are happy with what we can deliver we supply you with a detailed estimate.
  • You may need to add Hosting/SSL. and domain costs
  • At this point you will have all you need to make an informed decision about making the down payment for your site.
  • Down payments are non-refundable.

After the meeting – Next Steps

  • Once you agree to the estimate, our next step is to set up the structure for sharing documents and expected time scales.
  • Get your domain name pointing to the correct server and add a holding page with SSL installed.
  • Work begins after a recieved downpayment.
  • We give the opportunity to pay by installments as the site is developed.
  • You will be informed throughout the whole process.

Your Privacy

Any personal information we keep on our records is purely to contact you and invoice you. We do not share with third parties. To remove your details from our records please email office@koolwebs.co.uk

updated 23/04/2024

GDPR took effect from May 25th 2018

The ONLY data we hold is your name, email address and contact details for invoicing

  • and ONLY use them for sending you email, web site interaction, and invoices
  • We don’t pass on your details, or spam you
  • At any point you can update your details by letting us know – email: office@koolwebs.co.uk or call the office on (01227) 280507.
  • Your data can be removed at any point – email: office@koolwebs.co.uk or call the office on (01227) 280507
  • If we have not used your details in 3 years we may delete them
  • We use SSL to secure user data through our site